Aiarty Image Enhancer Tech FAQs

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Enhance & Upscale Images

1. Can I use Aiarty Image Enhancer on my computer?

Aiarty Image Enhancer is a green desktop application with an intuitive interface that users with different skill levels can use on both Windows and Mac computers. It can utilize CPU and GPU to enhance and upscale images and photos, even on computers with moderate configurations. For faster and more stable image enhancement, you are suggested to use a relatively high-end computer. Check minimum system requirements to use Aiarty Image Enhancer.

2. How does Aiarty Image Enhancer increase image quality?

Aiarty Image Enhancer is AI-powered with three integrated AI models for you to select from to enhance the quality of different images. It won't require you to download models and tweak complex parameters. Once an AI model and upscaling factor (2x, 4x, 8x, 1K, 2K, 4K, or 8K) have been chosen, Aiarty Image Enhancer will proceed to automatically deblur, denoise, remove JPEG artifacts, and upscale the image, resulting in enhanced details and smoother edges.

3. Which AI model should I use to enhance my image?

Aiarty Image Enhancer provides 3 AI models to help you enhance and upscale different types of images and photos.

4. What’s the maximum resolution can I enhance my image to?

Aiarty Image Enhancer can enhance and upscale images to high resolution up to 32K on Windows and 16K on Mac, making your images print-ready.

5. What types of images can Aiarty Image Enhancer enhance?

Aiarty Image Enhancer has been extensively trained using a large number of reality and anime images, encompassing everything from people to wildlife, landscapes to cityscapes, and camera-captured to AI-generated visuals. So, you can use it to enhance and upscale portrait, landscape, animal, architecture, 2D/3D, anime, AIGC, logo images and more. Aiarty Image Enhancer can also enhance low-quality images, and restore vintage photos and compressed JPEGs.

6. Can Aiarty Image Enhancer enhance low-quality images?

Yes. Aiarty Image Enhancer can remove blur and noise from images, depixelate images, upscale low-resolution images to high resolution up to 32K, and restore compressed JPEGs.

7. What kind of image format does Aiarty Image Enhancer support?

Aiarty Image Enhancer supports all common image formats.

8. Is there a file size or number limit to import to Aiarty Image Enhancer?

The maximum file size of an image you can import to Aiarty Image Enhancer is 32K (on Windows) or 16K (on Mac). But if you import a 32K or 16K image, you can only use the x1 enhancement function to denoise, deblur, and dejpeg your image to a higher quality.

There is no number limit. You can add images to Aiarty Image Enhancer as many as possible to batch enhance and upscale them.

9. Are images for training Aiarty Image Enhancer from copyrighted sources?

Aiarty Image Enhancer is trained with tons of images, varying from individuals to animals, scenery to urban views, and photographs to artificially generated images. We are copyright-conscious, so the source materials used to train Aiarty Image Enhancer are all purchased from authorized sites and owned by ourselves.

Our AI software is designed to improve existing works or content rather than creating new ones. By analyzing the image inputted into the application, it is able to identify the elements within the image and enhance them based on the specified parameters.

10. Can Aiarty Image Enhancer keep EXIF Info of original photos?

Yes. Aiarty Image Enhancer will automatically keep your photos’ EXIF metadata, including camera manufacturer, camera model, date time, lens, aperture, speed, ISO settings, and so on.

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