Aiarty Image Enhancer User Guide

Aiarty Image Enhancer is a green desktop application available on both Windows and Mac computers. It utilizes cutting-edge deep learning techs to enhance and upscale images while generating authentic details. Whether you want to enlarge low-resolution images by 200%, 400%, or 800% for printing, deliver 2K/4K/8K images while retaining genuine details, fix low-quality pictures, remove blur and noise, or restore compressed JPEGs, Aiarty Image Enhancer elevates your images to exceptional quality up to 32K (on Windows) or 16K (on Mac).

1. Quick Start

1-1. System Requirements

Aiarty Image Enhancer is a desktop application with an intuitive interface that users with different skill levels can use on both Windows and Mac computers. It can utilize CPU and GPU to enhance and upscale images and photos, even on computers with moderate configurations. For faster processing of larger image files and compute-intensive tasks, a system with higher specifications is recommended. Check minimum system requirements to use Aiarty Image Enhancer.

1-2. Download & Install

1) Click the button below to free download Aiarty Image Enhancer. It is 100% clean, with no virus, adware, or malware.

Download Free Download Free

2) Double click ".exe" setup on Windows or drag "dmg" setup to application folder on Mac to install it.

3) Click "Yes" if the User Account Control (UAC) window pops up and then proceed.

4) Check "I agree to the User License Agreement" and click "INSTALL" to set it up on your computer.

5) When the installation is completed, click "Open" to open up Aiarty Image Enhancer (trial version).

6) Launch Aiarty Image Enhancer (trial version) and you will see the main interface as below.

Aiarty Image Enhancer Interface

1-3. Register

In order to give you a taste of our incredible image enhancement capabilities, Aiarty Image Enhancer provides a trial version that allows you to export enhanced image(s) without cost. But it does come with some limitations. Here's what you need to know:

  • Single Image Export: In the trial version, you can export one enhanced image each time within a ten-day period. After this, all exported images will serve as before-and-after comparisons for evaluation purposes.
  • Multi-Image Export: When exporting multiple images, you can process up to 10 images each time within ten days. Among these, 3 images will be enhanced, while the remaining 7 will serve as before-and-after comparisons. After the trial period, all exported images will be before-and-after images.
Aiarty Image Enhancer Image Comparison

While the trial version provides a glimpse into what Aiarty Image Enhancer can do, you can also unlock the full version for countless benefits:

  • Constant upgrade: Get the completely free update to the latest version.
  • Unlimited usage: With the full version, you can enhance as many images as you need without any restrictions.
  • Priority tech support: Receive priority customer support to address any questions or concerns you may have promptly within 24-hours.

Here is how you can upgrade to Aiarty Image Enhancer’s full version.

1. Click the "Buy Now" button below to purchase the full license code.

Buy Now

2. Or click "Buy Now" on the main UI > Buy Now button to buy Aiarty Image Enhancer full license.

3. Register.

※ You will receive product information with the license code via email once you complete the order.

1) Open Aiarty Image Enhancer, and go to "Register" from the drop-down list of the menu bar at the top left corner.

Aiarty Image Enhancer Register

2) Input your "Licensed Email" and "License Code".

3) Click "Activate" to complete the registration process.

Aiarty Image Enhancer Activation

※ There are no spaces in the license code field. It's highly recommended to copy & paste your code to avoid any typos.

※ Please make sure you have a proper Internet connection when registering Aiarty Image Enhancer program.

4) When you have registered successfully, you can enjoy the full features of Aiarty Image Enhancer.

2. Enhance & Upscale Images

Aiarty Image Enhancer is a 4-in-1 image enhancer, which can automatically denoise, deblur, dejpeg, and upscale your image files like AVIF, PNG, JPG, WebM, TIFF, RAW, etc. in a click. There is no need for you to navigate through complex models or tweak parameters—Aiarty Image Enhancer takes care of it all for you. Just follow the steps below.

FYI: Aiarty Image Enhancer will automatically keep your photos’ EXIF metadata, including camera manufacturer, camera model, date time, lens, aperture, speed, ISO settings, and so on.

Important: When enhancing images, hardware plays a crucial role in determining the efficiency and speed of the processing. Make sure your computer meets the basic system requirements.

2-1. Add & Preview Your Image(s).

2-1-1. Add Your Image(s).

Here are 5 ways for you to add images to Aiarty Image Enhancer. You can add one single image, multiple images, or an image folder to it. Aiarty Image Enhancer supports various format inputs including AVIF, PNG, JPG, WebM, and TIFF (Check all supported format inputs >>).

Aiarty Image Enhancer Add Images

Option 1. Drag and drop a single image, multiple images, or an image folder to the main UI of Aiarty Image Enhancer.

Option 2. Click on the arrow button to choose an image or image folder on your PC and import.

Option 3. From the main menu at the top, choose "File" and select "Add Images" to add images.

Option 4. Click on the "Add" button at the bottom to choose "Add Images" or "Add Folder" to add images to Aiarty Image Enhancer.

Option 5. Click on the "+" icon at the bottom to add images.

Once you add your images or image folder, Aiarty Image Enhancer will automatically prepare the AI models and analyze your images.

Aiarty Image Enhancer Analyze Image

2-1-2. Preview Your Image(s).

Aiarty Image Enhancer Preview Image

Section A. The preview window.

  • ① Preview Mode: You can click the switch button to choose a preview mode. The original image is displayed in the left window, and the enhanced image will be previewed on the right. You can see the difference in the preview window. Also, you can put your mouse onto the image and move your mouse to see specific parts
  • ② Resolution Display: You can see the specific resolution of your image. The left is the original resolution, and the right is the upscaled resolution.
  • ③ Image Analysis: Click on the “Refresh” icon, and your image will be analyzed again. You are suggested to do this when you choose a new AI model.
  • ④ Zoom Functionality: Click on the “magnifier” icon to zoom in or zoom out your image.

Section B. The image list panel.

If you have added an image or an image folder, you can see it here. You are suggested to double-click on the image folder to show all images. Also, unfolding the image folder will help enhance all images successfully.

Aiarty Image Enhancer Image List Panel

Tip: On the image list panel, you can right-click on an image to go to the image folder, clear the selected image, select one image or all images, or delete all images in a click.

Aiarty Image Enhancer Image List Panel

2-2. Choose an AI Model

You can choose one of the 3 AI models according to your specific needs.

Aiarty Image Enhancer AI Models

More-detail GAN

Generate more details, more clarity, more sharpness.
Deblur+Denoise. Better skin & hair. Better perceptual quality.

This AI model excels in generating intricate details, enhancing clarity, and improving sharpness for better perceptual quality. It effectively addresses blurring, noise, pixelation issues in bad-quality images downloaded online. This AI model is particularly effective for enhancing specific image types that require meticulous attention to detail, such as hair, animal fur, and feathers, landscapes, architectural textures like bricks and wood grain, and more.

Smooth Diff

Restore original. Better fidelity, more clarity, smoother.
Deblur + Denoise. Eliminate flaws.

This AI model specializes in rendering smoother, clearer, and brighter images, and eliminate flaws for better fidelity and more clarity. It efficiently tackles blurring and noisy issues in poor-quality images while preserving their original characteristics. This AI model is tailor-made for enhancing image types with relatively fewer details, such as 2D animations, cartoons, glass surfaces, smooth textures, and line drawings. You can also use this AI model to handle portraits.


Better fidelity, more clarity. Restore original. Deblur+Denoise.
Designed for high-quality images and photos.

This AI model is designed for enhancing and upscaling photorealistic photos for better fidelity and more clarity, and restoring old photos. Especially, it excels in enhancing the quality of high-resolution real photos and images that contain noise or imperfections.

Tip: When you first time switch an AI model, there is a popup window like below telling you the difference between these AI models. You can also click on the "?" icon to check the detailed information.

Aiarty Image Enhancer AI Model Explanation

2-3. Choose Resolution or Scale

Aiarty Image Enhancer Choose Resolution

2-3-1. Upscale to 1K, 2K, 4K, 8K

Aiarty Image Enhancer lets you directly select from 1K, 2K, 4K, or 8K to convert your images to specific resolution, like 1K, 2K, 4K, or 8K. Also, while increasing image resolution, the image quality is enhanced.

2-3-2. Upscale & Enhance Images by x2, x4, x8

To upscale images with enhanced quality, you can also choose from x2, x4, or x8 to increase image resolutions to up to 32K while eliminating artifacts.

Note: On Windows computers, the maximum image resolution (width or height) is 32,000 pixels, whereas on Mac computers, it should not exceed 16,000 pixels. If your input image has a lower resolution and you’d like to achieve the highest possible resolution, feel free to upscale it by x2 and repeat the upscaling process until you reach your final resolution.

2-3-3. Enhance Images by x1 without Changing Resolution

To enhance image quality without upscaling, opt for x1 to remove blur, noise, and pixelation. Here are some before-and-after examples.

① Automatically remove noise:

Aiarty Image Enhancer Remove Noise

② Automatically reduce blur:

Aiarty Image Enhancer Reduce Blur

③ Automatically depixelate images:

Aiarty Image Enhancer Unpixelate Image

④ Automatically restore compressed JPEGs:

Aiarty Image Enhancer Restore JPEGs

2-3-4. Customize Resolution

You can customize the image resolution manually by entering a specific value for width or height, and then hit "Enter" on your keyboard to start processing your image. The aspect ratio of the customized image matches that of the original image.

Aiarty Image Enhancer Custom Scale

2-4. Optional Customizations

2-4-1. Hardware

You can choose to use CPU or GPU to process your images. If available, you are suggested to choose a GPU hardware acceleration to speed up the image enhancement process.

Aiarty Image Enhancer Switch Hardware

2-4-2. 2-Pass processing

To get richer images, enable "2-Pass processing". This involves an extra round of x1 image processing under the MoreDetail, Smooth Diff, and Real-Photo models.

Aiarty Image Enhancer 2-Pass Processing

2-4-3. Image Prompt

Aiarty Image Enhancer is also tailored for users seeking to preserve prompts in AI ART images.

Aiarty Image Enhancer Image Prompt

Simply select "Keep the Prompt" and export your image in JPG format. After exporting, you can right-click on the image, proceed to Properties > Details to view the image prompt information.

View Image Prompts

For the enhanced image in PNG format, you can import the image to Aiarty Image Enhancer again or use another tool to view the prompt.

Note: If you are uncertain whether your images include prompts, click the "View" button for confirmation. Typically, AI art images with metadata in JPG format contain prompts. Otherwise, you will be notified of "No prompt information" as below.

Aiarty Image Enhancer No Prompt Information

2-4-4. Text

If needed, you can add text to your images by clicking on the "Add Text" button. Input your texts, change the size, choose a color, and so on.

Aiarty Image Enhancer Add Text

2-4-5. Export Settings

Aiarty Image Enhancer Export Settings

1) Choose an output format like JPG or PNG.

2) Specify the Quality/Level value.

  • In the JPG format, increasing the Quality value results in larger file size and higher output quality due to its lossy compression. The default and optimal quality setting is 100.
  • PNG is a lossless compression format. When exporting to PNG, a higher Level indicates a more complex compression algorithm, resulting in a smaller file size but slower export speed. The default value for optimal export is 3, offering a good balance between file size and export speed. Regardless of the chosen value for PNG output, the image quality remains uncompromised.

3) Click the "Browse" button to choose a folder on your computer to save the enhanced images. Alternatively, click on "Open" to open the default Aiarty Image Enhancer output folder.

2-5. Export Enhanced Images

When everything is OK, hit the "RUN" button to start enhancing or upscaling your images with Aiarty Image Enhancer. Once complete, Aiarty Image Enhancer will pop up the output folder containing your images automatically.

FYI: As Aiarty Image Enhancer automatically keeps your photos’ EXIF metadata, you can check the information after exporting your photos. Simply right-click on your photo, proceed to Properties > Details and scroll down to see detailed information.

View Photo EXIF Info

3. Customization Settings

Aiarty Image Enhancer Settings

3-1. Hardware Check

※ Check whether your PC is hardware acceleration supportable by getting its hardware information.

Check the hardware information of your computer by clicking on "Hardware Check" from the drop-down menu of the top menu bar.

Aiarty Image Enhancer Hardware Check

3-2. General Settings

Aiarty Image Enhancer General Settings
  • Language: Choose a language from the drop-down menu. As of now, Aiarty Image Enhancer supports 5 languages.
  • Output path: Specify the desired output path to save the enhanced images in case needed. You can keep it original.
  • Model path: The folder to place AI models.
  • Log path: The place where the software running log is stored.
  • Temporary path: The place where the buffer file is stored. In the preview state, Aiarty Image Enhancer won’t analyze the analyzed images again.

3-3. Others

  • Proxy Settings: Proxy settings refer to the configuration options that allow you to define a proxy server for your internet traffic. A proxy server acts as an intermediary between your device and the websites you visit online.
  • Check for Updates: Check if you are using the latest version of Aiarty Image Enhancer. If not, click on the "Update Now" button to upgrade to the newest version and get access to the latest improvements and features.
  • Download All Models: This allows you to download the latest and updated AI models of Aiarty Enhancer to enhance and upscale your images better.
  • Language: You can choose a language here for your Aiarty Image Enhancer.
  • Help: Should you encounter any issues with Aiarty Image Enhancer, please feel free to click on the "Help" button for assistance.
  • About: Check the basic information of your Aiarty Image Enhancer here.
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