Aiarty Image Enhancer

Upscale - Enhance - Batch 8K/16K - Add Details

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Aiarty: 128 pics/hour
Stable Diffusion Upscale: 23 pics/hour

Easier and Faster

Batch tasks. 4GB vram workable

Generate new details

Scale to Huge Size

512p to 8K/16K+ for print quality

Aiarty: 4GB vram
Stable Diffusion: 8/16GB vram

Remedy tricky scenarios

Less stress on hardware
Aiarty is optimized for Nvidia/AMD/Intel/CPU
and runs efficiently with lower vram.
Faster and better quality
You can batch upscale 128 images/hour. Up to
16K/32K with AI-inferred details and texture.
Retain color and composition
The enhanced image preserves the vivid
color and composition of the source image.
No seams or tiled artifacts
AI upscaling with right amount of details
and natural texture. You won't see grids as in SD.

Get Natural Details
and Proper Texture

Enhance with
realistic details

natural texture

clarity achieved

Aiarty vs SD Upscale Script

Aiarty: 128 pics/hour
SD script: 23 pics/hour

Aiarty supports batch upscaling images with auto AI-inference for analysis and enhancement.

Aiarty vs SD Upscaling Methods

There are several upscaling methods in Stable Diffusion for different situations. You can integrate Aiarty into the workflow or direclty replace those methods.

Aiarty vs SD Highres.Fix

Aiarty: 27s-2min 8X Upscale
Highres.Fix: 13min-45min 8X Upscale

Aiarty delivers rapid results with equal or superior quality, all without the annoying "cuda out of memory" error.

Aiarty vs SD Extras Upscaler

Aiarty: Intricate textures
SD Extras Upscaler: Detail loss at huge-res

Upscale to 8K and higher using only SD extras upscaler can lead to detail loss. Use Aiarty for better results.

Upscale in Stable Diffusion

Easier Workflow for Quality Results

Upscale in Aiarty

Import Images
Quick Settings
  • Smooth
  • More Detail
  • Real Photo
  • Smooth
  • More Detail
  • Real Photo
  • x4
  • x8
  • 8K
  • 4K
  • 2K
  • x1
  • x2
  • x4
  • x8

4-in-1 Auto Process to Enhance Image

With a training dataset of 6.78 million images, Aiarty's AI models learned the most efficient way to upscale and enhance images. The deep learning process corrects flaws through an auto-process: Denoise+Deblur+DeJPEG+Upscale and Enhance.

Made Easy with 3 Tailored AI Models

For Print, E-commerce, Share, and More

Now with Aiarty, you can enhance images for high-quality prints, enjoy 4K/8K display, share AI art on social media at max resolution, and showcase marketing visuals confidently for pixel-perfect results.