YouTube Video Sponsorship

YouTubers spend lots of time and rack their brains creating videos. Of course we promise to make it worth your while and sponsor you to grow up your channel. In addition to advertising revenue, you will get more exposure and attract target audience.

Niche Research Support: Before making a sponsored video, we will offer you a list of trending topics related to our software product and help you find your niche.

Promote Across Channel: We will share enlightening videos with our customers to increase exposure and viewship for your channel.

Content Monetizing Program

Having some great content and want Aiarty to sponsor them? We are glad to talk with you about how to monetize your blog, community, deal portal and any content sites by promoting us.

Ads & Sponsorship: We'd like to purchase ads and offer sponsorship for product reviews and promotion campaigns, etc..

Bespoke Subforum: As Aiarty formal forum partner, we will appoint a devoted representative to offer quick support and exclusive deals for the community folks.

Magazine Covermount: Including Aiarty product in your magazine will definitely catch your readers' eyes!

Affiliate Program

Interested in selling our programs to your followers and earn reasonable commission on every sale? Then Aiarty is waiting for being your partner.

1. We offer up to 50% standard commission per sale by means of your website. Special conditions and special offers can be negotiated individually on request.

2. We'll provide personalized suggestions and Marketing Kit to help you easily start your program.

3. We also provide you with customer support, offer new products and upgrades at first time.


Whether you sell to customers or business, Aiarty's premium brand, high profit margins and well-established distribution network will empowers you to expand and monetize your customer base efficiently and effectively.

Reseller Program: As an Aiarty reseller partner, you can gain access to new markets and promote your business across the globe.

OEM Program: Featuring competitive prices and customized messaging, provide your customers with the right solutions for their multimedia needs.

Cross Promotion: Whether you're a digital marketer or a traditional vendor, teaming up with us for email blasts, co-sponsorships, and special offers is a win-win.

What's the
BEST WAY to promote Aiarty?


Post product review, tutorial or top XXX article on your website/blog


Make review video, video pre-roll on your YouTube channel


Send a dedicated newsletter to your community


Spread the word about Aiarty among your social media followers

Let’s work together! Any Questions?

For more information, to ask questions or to request assistance with distribution, OEM, reselling, or other partnerships, please be free to contact us and we’ll be in touch shortly.